Magento Reward Points: Reward Your Business With A New Life

security auditEvery person on the Earth likes to be rewarded. And there is no difference what kind of gift is going to be presented. In case of customers and merchants the same thing we may talk about. “Customer – merchant” relations are always very sensitive and the Reward Points for Magento 2 extension by Aheadworks may strengthen them considerably. How does it work?

Firstly it’s necessary to set up this extension that requires little efforts. Among the others, the main configuration is the conversion rate that allows converting money spent into points earned and vice-versa. Then this highly effective Magento Reward Points extension starts its flowing.

It creates a good loyalty program! How? And why is it so cool?

In reality, customers who shop more is not the main goal that each merchant is trying to achieve. It’s a good idea for merchants to look forward to customers who shop more and constantly. Other words we’re speaking about lifetime sales. So if there are such diligent customers, it’s really great.

But if there are no such customers in a store, why don’t to specify those who spend frequently and rewarded them encouraging to make more purchases. This extension allows distributing customers between the sections like ‘Retailer’ or ‘Wholesaler’, ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced’ creating an original in-store hierarchy. And this differentiation is aiming at making customers shop frequently boosting their shopping status.

Not only shopping is a trigger for rewarding. The Magento 2 extensions assigns points for newsletter signups and social media activity related to an online store. The scheme is simply clear. The points which are granted for newsletter sign ups may enrich a subscriber’s pool. Rewarding points for social media activity encourages a new traffic, makes the brand talked-about. But this cocktail bomb of two these rewarding ways combination promises such a bomb effect resulting in sales increasing. You should try to use this extension together with another amazing extension Magento Layered Navigation to get better results.

The other ingredients to this cocktail are product review and birthday rewarding points. More than a half of customers like to read reviews to make themselves sure that their choice is reasonable. So good reviews are really stepping forward to commercial success because they make a brand more trustworthy. That’s why the Reward Points extension for Magento 2 allows giving some points for those generous customers who don’t grudge an eloquent-sounding word writing a review. Some special occasions like customer’s birthday or major holidays are also great triggers for merchants to make their customers happier rewarding them with some points.

In general, this extension works based on two main principles. The customers do shopping with greater pleasure because they earn points. But they will have to do further shopping just because they have points. This is such an endless shopping process. And here it’s time to mention next important functionality.

It’s necessary to make customers aware of how many points they have. So this extension allows seeing final discounted product prices and it acts in the best way. Looking at discounted price customers feel they are extremely in need to buy these products.  In this case, this purchase seems to be actually reasonable.

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