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wordpress security pluginWordPress security plugins are something you need to consider if you are having a WordPress based website. There are millions of websites, and a lot of popular blogs who use WordPress as their content publishing platform. In fact, WordPress is the most popular blogging program in the universe, and this makes WordPress sites a subject of interest for hackers. Most times, WordPress come up with updates to fix all of the vulnerabilities they can detect, but the third party plugins and themes that the users of WordPress utilize makes their sites or blogs vulnerable. Also, there are times when WordPress, the whole system, becomes vulnerable, which gives hackers the ability to hack the whole server.

Therefore, if you use WordPress, you must take special care of your security. Your WordPress installation must be updated and secure, always. In this post, you will learn about some of the best WordPress security plugins available. These plugins make sure that their services are well updated and secured from the latest threats and exploits. If you really care about your online business which is running on WordPress, then these security plugins are things you need to consider in order to make it secure. Below are some of the security plugins available for WordPress.


This is one security plugin for WordPress that is versatile and very effective. The BulletProof security takes care of a lot of things. It creates login security, database security, firewall security, and many more. The setup interface is a four-click interface. All you need to do is activate this plugin and relax; it will cater for your website.

The BulletProof security blocks security scanners, gives limitations to failed login attempts, blocks code scanners, IP blocking, and fake traffic. It also keeps tabs on the code of core files from WordPress, their themes and also, their plugins. If any kind of infection should occur, it raises an alarm to notify the admin. This security plugin improve the performance of your website by employing caching. It is equipped with a built-in file manager that allows htaccess.

Some of the vulnerabilities it protects WordPress from includes RFI, XSS, CSRF, CRLF, SQL injection, Code Injection, Base64, and a whole lot of other vulnerabilities. This security plugin updates itself according to new vulnerabilities and exploits. There is a pro version of the BulletProof, which improves the security of your blog or website with some advanced features. But you can use the free version too as it is well equipped to make sure your website is secure.


This is one of the most prevalent and well-liked WordPress security plugins. WordFence checks your website, or blog, continuously for malware infection. It scans all of your plugins, files of your WordPress core, and also, your themes. Once there’s any infection, WordFence will notify you. According to the developers of this plugin, WordFence can make your website fifty times secure and faster. It makes use of Falcon caching engine to make your website faster. This plugin is free to use, but it has a premium version with some really advanced features that is worth every penny.

WordFence blocks bruteforce attacks and can enhance your website by adding two factor authentication through SMS. You also have the ability to block the traffic coming from a particular country. This plugin comes with a firewall that blocks scanners, botnet, and fake traffic. It also scans your hosting for popular backdoors, some of which include R57 and C99. You’ll get an email notification one anything has been detected.

Your posts and comments are also scanned for malicious codes. You can check how your WordPress website traffic is doing in real time, and also to know if your website is under any kind of threat. Multi-site is also supported.


Another plugin that is considered to be one of the best WordPress security plugin is the Siteguarding Wp Antivirus. This plugin is equipped with a lot of features including security activity auditing, malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, blacklist monitoring, website firewall, and effective security hardening. This plugin is a security suite designed to help you improve the security posture of your website.

It keeps track of everything that goes on in your website, including changes, logins and log outs. This way, if your security is ever breached, you will be able to find out what happened by reviewing your security log.

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